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Excalibur experimental amateur built light sport aircraft for sale.

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Aircraft, Ultralight, Ultralight type, Light Sport, and Experimental / Amateur Built aircraft kits. A popularly used Ultralight training aircraft worldwide,  light aircraft / light sport aircraft are recognized for being ideal for recreational flying as well as flight training. Four popular
versions of this aircraft are produced: the standard series and the wide body model, the stretch model and four stroke models of aircraft
offer the best in open cockpit flying. Whether you have logged thousands of flight hours in large, fast, and complex aircraft or you are just
being introduced to flying, Excalibur has an aircraft for you.

Gene Hardesty

Rev. Dick Braswell

Richard Wright

Rick Ryan

Robert Trout

Phil Marcotte

Charles Kerr

 "BlackJack" Garlit

Glen Rushing

Robert Lee

Alan Lindeman

Benny Landron

Ed Moody

Joe Schirk

Richard Morse

Kevin Bowman


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