Frequently Asked Questions,

Buddy S. writes:
Q . what is different about the EXCALIBUR, than say, a Challenger?
A. Our engine is rightside up, theirs is upside down.
     We can use a larger 68" prop. The largest prop they swing is a 60".
     We use Rotax's own gearbox (no sideloading). Challenger uses an aftermarket beltdrive
     instead of the Rotax brand gearbox

    Our engine sits right in the airstream, and gets lots of air to run cooler. Challengers' hangs down
    behind the fuselage where the airflow is more restricted to the engine because the fuselage is
    in the way.

   We have the EXCALIBUR Shock-Cordtm landing gear, not a rigid system like theirs.
   We have a larger Vertical Stabilizer.
   We have a larger Rudder.
   Shorter ailerons. they are 8 feet long compared to 15 feet long.
   We have a Torque tube control system using push pull rods, they use cables and pulleys.
   We feature aircraft grade streamlined aluminum struts.
   We have a smaller nosecone for better forward visibility.
   We have widened the backseat so both passengers have the same degree of comfort.
   We have stretched the fuselage from the back seat, forward, to give both
          passengers the same amount of leg room, and it helps the C.G. too.
   We have excellent STOL characteristics, like take-offs in 96 ft!
   So many items are standard like Battery, Starter, Shoulder Harnesses, 10 Gal tank, Brakes,
        Nose cone,Streamlined Struts, American made tires (no chinese) Any color seat cushions,
        etc. etc. etc.

Q . What design contributions have you made to the airframe?
A . We streamlined the fuselage dramatically so it isn't the same shape as Brand X. We mounted the engine upright to get it into the airstream over the wings and this keeps it running cool, and it never actually reaches its hottest allowable operating temperature. With the engine upright, we use a 68inch prop, and Rotax's own reduction drive, designed by Rotax for their engines, (it is doubtful that Rotax will honor its warranty on an engine with an after market belt drive on it. If they wanted a belt drive system, they would've designed their engine for that kind of reduction system in the first place).  A belt drive system puts undue "side loading" stress on the crankshaft. Many props have come off on belt drive systems over the years due to broken crankshafts, and pilots are suddenly flying a glider! Ask Rotax, at their headquarters, if they will honor the warranty on an engine using a belt drive system, instead of  the Rotax gearbox designed BY ROTAX, for their engines!

Q . How complete does the kit come?
A . All the critical stuff is done, including welding, and all critical holes.

Q . Is the nosecone smaller than the competition?
A . Yes, considerably, and the visibility is improved dramatically because our nosecone is 12 inchs lower at the highest point allowing you to see MUCH more.
And, we addressed all the problems such as adverse yaw, (solved with a larger vertical stabilizer and larger rudder) to the upright engine, larger prop, and shock cord landing gear. We completely redesigned the landing gear by making it a shock cord system, with steel struts on the sides instead of the cables. Our landings are so smooth its remarkable. Our landing gear system is installed at the factory and cannot be retrofitted to other planes.

Q . What about the ailerons?
A . We completely redesigned the aileron system by throwing out the cable and pulley system and now have a traditional torque tube design that uses push/pull rods for a smoother movement, and no more slack. The result is a very responsive and manuverable airplane that will out perform the competition. Our ailerons are one half the length.

Q . Does EXCALIBUR use the same tube struts that the competition uses?
A . NO. EXCALIBUR uses streamlined aluminum struts. They look so much better than those $200.00 plastic streamlined fairings offered by the competition. And, ours are free.

Q . "Are we down yet"?
A . Almost every demo flight ends with the question, "are we down yet?" The landing is so soft with our special shock cord system that pilots never feel the typical jolt or bounce upon impact with the ground, and they ask "Are we down yet?"

Q .Why do competitive dealers put down the EXCALIBUR?
A . Because they cannot be dealers for EXCALIBUR and therefore cannot make any money if you buy an EXCALIBUR factory direct , so, they say anything to try to sell you their brand.

Q . Are there dealers for EXCALIBUR?
A . No. We sell direct to the public, and want to work directly with each customer, one on one.

Q . Can I buy the shock cord landing gear system to retrofit to my plane?
A . No, it is a completely different system and must be installed by EXCALIBUR at our factory.

Q . Does the kit come as "finished" as the other brand, and can I buy just one section at a time?
A . Our kit is even more finished, from our factory, and Yes, you can buy one section at a time.

Q . Can EXCALIBUR compete with the other brand on price too?
A .  When you add up all the extras on brand X (which are standard on Excalibur) we are probably lower.

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