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EXCALIBUR comes with a 10 gal. tank, 68" x 32 prop, brakes, electric starter, tires, hegar style wheels, streamlined aluminum struts, military type seat belts and shoulder harnesses. 

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Features ROTAX 503 air cooled 52HP engine (engine mounts upright), exclusively designed shock cord landing gear for super smooth landings, fiberglass nosecone, lexan windshield (clear or tinted), fabric, etc. 

We use only AN or Military spec hardware and other materials on the aircraft. Lightweight 1.8oz SUPERFLITE fabric is extremely popular, durable and easy to apply to the airframe, wings, and tail sections. 

We provide a video tape showing you how to install the fabric, so you can see how simple it really is. The video also shows you how to paint your new EXCALIBUR. 

EXCALIBUR has extremely responsive three axis controls, and is well suited for short field take-offs and landings. Climb to your desired altitude, shut off the engine, and soar for a while! The EXCALIBUR loves to fly, AND SOAR! 

"Once you have flown the EXCALIBUR, you will walk the earth with your eyes turned skyward, for there you have been, and there you long to return"