EXCALIBUR - ( Two Place ) All critical work is done at the factory. No welding required. All aluminum structure either 6061-T6, or 2024-T3 aircraft grade. 4130 Chromoly steel weldments where needed.

EXCALIBUR  II   ( tail , wings, fuselage, engine ).......................$26,650.00 US

QUICK BUILD KIT........................n/c

Hegar Hydraulic Disc Brakes n/c
Shock cord landing gear n/c
Shock absorbing trailing link Nose Gear n/c
Wide body 30 inches both front and rear seat n/c
Dual controls n/c
Fabric 1.7 oz. aircraft grade n/c
10 gal. tank n/c
Hegar 6 inch aluminum wheels n/c
Nosecone, ready to install n/c
3 piece fiberglass center section between the wings n/c
Seat belts, and Shoulder harnesses, (aircraft grade) n/c
Lexan windshield (clear or tinted) n/c
Streamlined aluminum main lift wing struts n/c
Adjustable pitch 68 inch prop n/c
All hardware AN and Military grade n/c
Includes all pre-built tail surfaces, pre-built wings, pre-built fuselage, covering and hardware to complete, controls installed, landing gear, seats, cushions n/c
Your choice of the Rotax 503, air cooled 52 HP, DCDI engine, or the Hirth 3202, 55 HP, air cooled engine. n/c
Electric starter n/c
Battery, Gel cell 12 Volts 17 amp n/c
Air filter K&N brand n/c
Fuel filter n/c
Pitot tube kit n/c
Remote primer kit n/c
Comes with two main gear positions to choose from, one the plane sits on its nose, the other, it sits on the tail. call for more info.  

Engine Options

Hirth 3203 65 HP air cooled $ 1,000.00
Hirth you can add fuel injection CALL
Rotax 582, 65 HP water cooled, including radiator $ 3,044.00
HKS 700E 4 stroke, air cooled, 60 hp CALL
Rotax 912 4 stroke, 80 HP CALL
Jabiru 4 stroke, 80 HP CALL

Other Options

Paint prices from $ 250.00
Instruments (Click image to enlarge)
$ 895.00
Wheel pants CALL
BRS ballistic chute CALL
Doors $ 540.00
Electric Flaps $ 800.00
Strobes, dual or single magnum CALL
PUDDLE JUMPER - amphibious floats CALL

All prices subject to change

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